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Bibliography: orchard guides, research and downloads

 Information and practical guides


Orchard tasks and management
Orchard fruit
Orchard health, pests and disease
Orchard wildlife
Protecting orchards


Research and publications

+ General

+ Fruit ID books

Many old books can be fully searched, read and browsed on Google Books or the Biodiversity Library

Author Title Published
James Evans and Mary Martin Tamar Valley Cherries 2021
Joan Morgan The Book of Pears: The Definitive History and Guide to Over 500 Varieties 2015
Michael Clark Apples – A Field Guide 2015
Revised edition
James Evans and Mary Martin A Cornish Pomona: A selection of West Country apple varieties 2015
Charles Martell Native Apples of Gloucestershire 2014
Michael Hennerty The Heritage Apples of Ireland 2014
Tom Burford Apples of North America 2013
Charles Martell Pears of Gloucestershire and Perry Pears of the Three Counties 2013
Liz Copas Cider Apples – The New Pomona 2013
Daiv Sizer A Guide to Damsons 2013
Andrew Mikolajski The Illustrated World Encyclopedia of Apples 2012
Creighton Lee Calhoun Old Southern Apples 2010
East Malling Research for Defra Fingerprinting the National Apple and Pear Collections
Project Code GC0140 –  Final Report
Michael Porter Welsh Marches Pomona 2010
Rosie Sanders The Apple Book 2010
Simon Clark Apple Identification using the method developed by Marlaud (2004) 2009
3rd Ed
Hawthorne, Laver & Gillespie et al. The Northern Pomona 2007
Joan Morgan & Alison Richards The New Book of Apples 2002
Martin Crawford Directory of Apple Cultivars 2001
2nd Ed
Jim Arbury and Sally Pinhey Pears 1997
John Bultitude Apples – A Guide to the Identification of International Varieties 1983
Muriel Smith A Catalogue of the Plums at the National Fruit Trials 1978
Muriel Smith National Apple Register of the United Kingdom 1971
Ray Williams and Robin Child Identification of Cider Apples 1965
H.V. Taylor Plums of England 1949
H.V. Taylor Apples of England 1948
3rd Edition (Rev)
U. P. Hedrick The Pears of New York 1921
Edward A Bunyard A Handbook of Hardy Fruits – Apples and Pears 1920
U. P. Hedrick The Cherries of New York 1915
U. P. Hedrick The Plums of New York 1911
S. A. Beach Apples of New York 1905
Bull, Hogg, and Bulmer
AE Ellis and  EE Bull et al.
The Herefordshire Pomona
and on CD Marcher Apple Network
1885 (CD:1987)
Robert Hogg The Fruit Manual 1884 5th Edition 2002 reprint
John Scott Scott’s Orchardist 1878
Second Edition
André Leroy Dictionaire de Pomologie (pears) 1867
George Lindley A Guide to the Orchard and Kitchen Garden 1831
Hugh Ronalds Pyrus malus Brentfordiensis 1831
William Hooker Pomona Londinensis 1818
+ Orchard books

    • Many old books can be fully searched, read and browsed on Google Books or the

Biodiversity Library

Author Title Published
Chloe Ward How to Prune an Apple Tree: A guide for real people with imperfect trees 2014
Jane McMorland-Hunter Quinces: Growing and Cooking 2014
Brian Short Apples & Orchards in Sussex 2012
Angela King and Sue Clifford Community Orchards Handbook 2008
Ida Fabrizio Protecting Our Orchard Heritage 2008
Angela King and Sue Clifford The Apple Source Book: Particular uses for diverse apples 2007
Common Ground The Common Ground Book of Orchards 2000
Pub. Geerings of Ashford The Brogdale Apple and Pear Recipe Book 1996
H. Frederick Janson Pomona’s Harvest 1996
Ill. Geraldine Bracey. Pub. Common Ground Apple Games and Customs 1996
Janet Hazen Pears: A Country Garden Cookbook 1994
C.R.Thompson The Pruning of Apples and Pears by Renewal MethodsTITLE 1949
R.J. Garner The Grafter’s Handbook 1947
Raymond Bush Tree Fruit Growing 1946
Thomas Baffett The Compleat Planter and Cyderist 1690
+ Evaluating orchards

+ Biodiversity (General) 

+ Plants

+ Invertebrates

Cash in the Orchard

The information given here relates to the ‘Cash in the Orchard’ workshops held in Broadclyst, Devon on the 25th & 26th November 2010. The focus of the workshop was to explore the options for making Traditional Orchards sustainable. The day consisted of speaker presentations, case studies, activities and a field visit. The speakers and topics covered were varied, reflecting the many facets of Traditional Orchards and the many ways in which we benefit from them.

The workshop formed part of the Conserving & Restoring Traditional Orchards, England Project – jointly funded by the National Trust and Natural England’s Countdown 2010 Fund.

We are happy for the information to be shared widely, but ask that the relevant authors/organisations are fully acknowledged where appropriate.

+ Agri Environment Schemes

+ Funding

+ Events & Interpretation

+ Orchard Produce

  • Orchard Produce– PDF Presentation (Liz & Andrew Woodward, Hilltop Partners)
  • Business Planning– PDF Document (Liz & Andrew Woodward, Hilltop Partners)
  • Feasibility Study PDF Casestudy of smale scale apple juice prodcution (Liz & Andrew Woodward, Hilltop Partners)


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