Our recent successes

From Dormice in Derbyshire to Turtles in the Turks and Caicos Islands

With over 40 years of conservation work in the UK and around the world we have been involved with many great projects. Here are some of our recent successes!

Thank you to all those involved, and to all of you who helped to fund this work.


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  • saiga-female-with-baby_Photo-by-Eugeny-Polonsky-(1)

    Saiga antelope

    Working with local people to protect saiga antelope in a changing landscape

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  • Barbary macaques

    We've been working with local communities to stop the illegal pet trade of this endangered primate. In total we've reached over 8,300 children and teachers.

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  • stag beetles by Ben Andrews

    Stag beetles

    Last season we have had over 8000 records submitted to the great stag hunt. Here are just some of our favourite images from 2018!

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  • Dormouse by Rudd Foppen


    Dormouse box deliveries hit 15,000! One of the actions central to our work with hazel dormice is giving them a place to call home.

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  • Red squirrel by Peter Cairns

    Red squirrels

    We’ve helped return red squirrels to woodlands in the north west Highlands in areas where the red squirrels will be safe from grey squirrels.

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  • Sea turtles

    Green and hawksbill turtles face a brighter future in the Caribbean where we’ve had some resounding success in the Turks and Caicos Islands

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  • Black hut

    We discovered that our Black Hut, where we hold our woodland management courses, was in danger of falling down. Your generous donations have helped save this much loved landmark.

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  • now leopard by Alexander Oehrle (3)

    Snow leopards

    We are supporting a team who are working with the community to reduce conflict and protect land has been essential for the snow leopard's survival.

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