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Dormouse box bonanza

Dormouse box deliveries hit 15,000!

One of the actions central to our work with hazel dormice is giving them a place to call home. 

Dormouse box number 228 Dormouse nest box checked 








These wooden boxes are similar to bird boxes and provide a much needed home. By checking them for signs of dormice life we can also monitor dormice populations.

Sustainability in action

In 2010 People’s Trust for Endangered Species set up a partnership with the Department of Justice to make dormouse boxes, firstly at HMP Doncaster and more recently at HMP Humber. We buy the timber from a local wood miller as part of a woodland restoration programme. The boards are delivered to the prisons where the boxes are then made. As well as giving the prisoners the opportunity to develop practical employment skills it gives us a source of sustainably made boxes. Hazel dormouse by KatPaws

This year we hit 15,000 boxes made and delivered – that’s a lot of homes for dormice!

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