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Hazel dormice are now one of Britain’s most endangered species. Over the last century they’ve become extinct in almost half the counties where they used to thrive. Road building has broken up much of the dormouse habitat that existed across the UK. Loss of the brambles and hedgerows in which dormice nest and feed means that they have died out in most midland and northern counties. We must act now if we are to prevent them from dying out altogether.

With house a dormouse, you’ll be helping keep dormice safe from extinction. We run national monitoring of over 24,000 dormouse houses throughout the UK, and in areas where dormice have become extinct, we reintroduce captive-bred dormice to start new populations.

Placing dormouse boxes in woodlands with a limited range of natural nesting sites has been shown to boost local populations – that is why we are asking you to help us protect dormice by housing a dormouse.

Find out why dormice are endangered, how dormouse reintroductions work, see the decline of dormice across the UK, look at our House a Dormouse gallery of dormice photos, see some dormouse videos or see answers to some of the frequently asked questions about House a Dormouse by choosing a button below.

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