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About us

The delicately balanced ecosystem that we all depend on is under threat. Alarmingly, in the UK, almost two-thirds of species have declined in the last 50 years. Globally, around a quarter of mammals face extinction in the next three decades.

Together we can stop this loss of wildlife. That’s why People’s Trust for Endangered Species exists. For over 40 years our charity has improved the outlook of endangered species in Britain and throughout the world.

Passion drives our work but it’s grounded in science. We invest in research and test the best ways to protect endangered species in their natural habitats. Then we put what works into action, creating vibrant wildlife havens.

We’re a team of 18 staff and five trustees, but our reach is far wider than this. Our wonderful volunteers give up their time to take part in our research, and we work alongside scientists, conservationists, landowners, government and the general public.

Together we’re bringing the wild back to life.

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