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Stag beetles

Spectacular stag beetles are in decline.
We are fighting to save this iconic species, and you can too. Record your sightings of stag beetles for the Great Stag Hunt.

You may see stag beetles flying around on warm summer evenings, or you might dig up the large, white grubs, called larvae, in the garden. The stag beetle is our largest land beetle and the males have characteristic ‘antlers’- but don’t worry, they are harmless. In fact, they desperately need our help.

These amazing creatures used to be a common sight, especially in the south of the UK, but sadly they are declining. They’ve even become extinct in a couple of European countries. We can’t let that happen here, so please join us in a national effort to save them this summer by recording your sightings for the Great Stag Hunt.

Thank you to everyone that took part in our #StagWeekend on the 5th -7th June! We’ve been blown away by your love of stag beetles and help to save them. We will continue to collect records and help our nation’s stags so watch this space for more updates. Thanks to Back From The Brink for funding Stag Weekend. 

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