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We’ve been standing up for wildlife for over 40 years. With the help of scientists, conservationists, landowners, and the general public, we’re working to protect our delicately balanced ecosystem by bringing our most threatened species back from the brink.

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Funded by our generous supporters, our grant programmes support the very best scientific researchers and wildlife experts out in the field. The evidence they unearth guides worldwide conservation. Browse the map below to discover the amazing wildlife we’re saving from extinction.

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Save our water voles

Save our water voles
We’re expanding our monitoring programme to know more about where our water voles are, and helping the water voles that still live in our waterways.
Water voles are in a serious decline and nearly died out altogether in the 1990s. Accidental and deliberate releases of American mink and the loss of healthy riverbanks led to a dramatic 90% decline in their population. Now they’re a rare sight, and still vulnerable to extinction.
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Caring for orchards this winter

Caring for orchards this winter
From fruit tree pruning, to grafting and planting, find practical advice on how to manage your orchard in a way that sympathises with the wildlife it supports.
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Watch out for wildlife

Watch out for wildlife
Big or small, gardens and green spaces can support and encourage wildlife. And winter can be a great time to look out for mammals, from spotting footprints to watching them caching nuts and building nests.
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Latest news from PTES

Citizen science and the importance of our urban gardens

Veronica and John‘s medium-sized suburban garden is about two miles outside a city in the north of England. ‘We read a lot about the importance of gardens as potential spaces for wildlife to flourish, so we decided to join the Living with Mammals survey. That was in 2006, and we’ve been going ever since.’ Fifteen-year-old …

Bushwood beetles: looking for stag beetles in north London

This summer, two keen members of Wren Wildlife and Conservation Group in Northeast London took part in our stag beetle count. Laura Bower, PTES’ Conservation Officer, spoke to Sybil and Nate about how they took their participation to another level by encouraging friends and neighbours to look out for stag beetles too and create dead …

Exploring some exemplary hedges in Northumberland

PTES’ Habitat Officer, Megan Gimber, recollects a recent trip to Northumberland, organised by the Coquetdale Branch of the Wildlife Trust, to meet farmer Kevin and learn how he has restored his hedgerows. Northumberland hedgerows at their finest A recent visit to Northumberland had me flabbergasted at the difference one person can make. In an area …

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