If you are concerned about whether to take part in surveys during the COVID-19 outbreak, please check the current government guidelines and our advice here to help you decide if it is appropriate and safe for you to do so. Thank you.

Who we are

We’ve been standing up for wildlife for over 40 years. With the help of scientists, conservationists, landowners, and the general public, we’re working to protect our delicately balanced ecosystem by bringing our most threatened species back from the brink.

Where we work

Funded by our generous supporters, our grant programmes support the very best scientific researchers and wildlife experts out in the field. The evidence they unearth guides worldwide conservation. Browse the map below to discover the amazing wildlife we’re saving from extinction.

Latest appeal

Water vole appeal

Water voles are in dire straits.
They really could become extinct. A national action plan is in hand and our data and expertise will underpin it. Your donation can help make action a reality and give water voles a brighter future.
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Take part in Mammals on Roads

Nobody likes seeing roadkill, but counting casualties can help conservation. Download the app and help us find out which species are at risk by telling us what you see on our nation's roads. #MammalsOnRoads
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Happy birthday Hedgehog Street

This year Hedgehog Street is celebrating its 10th birthday! Celebrate with us by doing ten things to help Britain's favourite mammal.
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Latest news from PTES

Volunteering with the dormouse reintroduction of summer 2021

David Talbot describes his experience volunteering this summer with the Back On Our Map (BOOM), Natural England and Morecambe Bay Partnership (MBP) during the landmark release of the 1000th hazel dormouse in Britain, as part of PTES’ National Dormouse Reintroduction Programme. Getting involved in citizen science My experience as a volunteer started pre Covid-19 in …

A day at Briddlesford Woods

Our nature reserve on the Isle of Wight, Briddlesford Woods, is an ancient woodland which has a rich array of woodland flora and rare invertebrates, but is best known for its unique assemblage of mammals. It provides a home for red squirrels, 9 bat species and hazel dormice. This means we have to balance the …

The curious life of a shrew

Supporter Kenneth Phipps sheds light on some of Britain’s smallest and often overlooked mammals. The British mainland has three species of shrew, common, pygmy, and water shrew, and all of these little insectivores have intriguing lifestyles. Shrinking shrews Common, pygmy and water shrews undergo a sudden reduction in body weight during winter. This isn’t due …

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