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Our wildlife is disappearing

Almost two thirds of species in the UK have declined in the past 50 years. There’s nothing natural about this rate of decline – it can be stopped. With your help, we are standing up for animals and plants that are vital for a healthy world.

Help red squirrels make a comeback

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Just £12 could help get a squirrel health checked before release back into the wild

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Our Living with Mammals survey is now open for 2016. Help us understand our urban wildlife by recording what you see.

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EU referendum and conservation

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People’s Trust for Endangered Species supports the views expressed by the The Wildlife Trusts and many eminent academics and specialists in this field that Brexit would be damaging for Britain’s environment and that our wildlife and habitats will be better off if they continue to benefit from EU environmental legislation and a cross-Europe framework. There are many issues …

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Mongolia to create new protected area for snow leopards

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The Great Ikh Hural, Mongolia’s parliament, has approved a proposal to turn the Tost Mountains, a prime snow leopard habitat in the country’s South Gobi province, into a Nature Reserve, one of four categories of State Protected Areas under Mongolian law. Under this designation, only traditional economic activities such as livestock grazing that aren’t harmful to …

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