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We’ve been standing up for wildlife for over 40 years. With the help of scientists, conservationists, landowners, and the general public, we’re working to protect our delicately balanced ecosystem by bringing our most threatened species back from the brink.

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Help us make space for wildlife

We need to make space for wildlife to survive. Will you help?
Hedgehogs, dormice and watervoles used to be common in Britain. But now they’re dying out as their homes have been destroyed. We’re giving wildlife the space they need. Help today.
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Hedgehog Awareness Week

It is Hedgehog Awareness Week and the hedgehogs have taken over our Facebook page! Come and find out what you can do to help hedgehogs in your garden, share your own experiences and chat with other hedgehog enthusiasts.
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Have an unforgettable wildlife encounter

Anyone can join us on an event or training course to learn more about our amazing British wildlife and how to take action to help save species.
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The wonderful world of wood pasture and parkland

Wood Pasture and and Parkland is one of our most important habitats but it is one we are only beginning to understand. As a part of the Wood Pasture and Parkland Network (WPPN) we have made a series of videos to shine a light on this forgotten habitat. The WPPN, is a new national network …

Day in the life of a water vole surveyor

Water voles hold the unfortunate title of being the UK’s fastest declining mammal. Once a common and widespread species in Britain, a recent report has revealed an estimated 30% decline in water vole distribution across England and Wales between 2006 – 2015. However, there is some evidence that conservation work, including strategic habitat restoration and …

The Great Stag Beetle Hunt

Gentle Giants Stag beetles are Britain’s largest land beetle with males reaching up to 7.5 cm in size. They are also one of the most spectacular looking insects, with a males’ huge mandibles (antler-like jaws) making them easy to spot! Despite their appearance, stag beetles are harmless, and from mid-to-late-May are more likely to be …

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