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In just the last 20 years, hedgehog numbers have dropped by a third in urban areas, and by half in rural areas.

We’ve committed ourselves to fighting the hedgehog decline. We fund research into the hedgehog population decline and along with our partner The British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS), we launched Hedgehog Street, the largest hedgehog conservation project in the UK. In the last ten years we’ve accomplished much in our fight to save hedgehogs. We are:

  • recruiting more Hedgehog Champions to take action for hogs. We have 116,000 champions, but need even more
  • working with housing developers to create hedgehog-friendly new-builds
  • investigating why rural hedgehogs are declining so fast
  • tracking where hedgehogs are spotted and where gardens are connected
  • determining which garden features hedgehogs prefer so champions can create hedgehog-friendly gardens
  • consulting with politicians about increasing the legal protection of hedgehogs.
Your support can help save hedgehogs from freefalling to extinction. Credits: Hugh Warwick, Alison Austwick, Lauren Moore.

This is great progress, and we’re starting to see positive outcomes. Last year’s State of Britain’s Hedgehogs, (published with BHPS), shows the decline of hedgehogs in urban areas looks to be slowing. This is hopefully an early sign that our collective hard work, and the efforts and generosity of thousands of people just like you, is paying off. 

But there’s so much more that needs to be done. Up to quarter of a million hedgehogs are killed on roads every year. We also need to know more about hedgehogs in different habitats, and how effective conservation measures are. And we need even more people to help hedgehogs locally to them, so even more hedgehogs can roam more freely.

Please, will you help today so we can take this next step to save hedgehogs? Give hedgehogs the Christmas present they deserve – the chance to thrive again.

Thank you,

Grace Johnson, Hedgehog Officer

Together we can stop hedgehogs from being left to history. Could you help by donating today?

Thank you.

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