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How we are run

How we are funded

Around two thirds of our income comes from generous members of the public who give both their time and their money. There are many ways that you can support us. We also receive grants for specific projects. For example, the British Hedgehog Preservation Society is co-funding our hedgehog campaign, the Esmeé Fairbairn Foundation supported our work creating habitat inventories of traditional orchards in England and Wales, and Natural England contributes to monitoring and reintroducing dormice.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who supports us.

Our annual report

In 2016 our total income was £1 097 455 and expenditure £1 434 629. You can find more detail about how the funds were generated and where the money is spent by reading our annual review below:

Latest annual report 2016

Annual review 2016

Past annual reports 


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