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Water voles

Water voles have experienced one of the most rapid and serious declines of any British wild mammal ever. We are dedicated to saving this national treasure, and you can help too.

By the end of the 1990s we had lost more than 90% of our nation’s water voles. This was due to habitat loss and fragmentation during the 20th century and more recent pressures from non-native American mink.

A recent report estimated a further 30% decline in the places where water voles live in England and Wales between 2006-2015. Encouragingly, the report did show that there was a slight increase in their distribution in the most recent reporting period (2011 to 2015) compared to the previous one (2010 to 2014) and some successful conservation activity. 

Learn more about water voles, our current conservation work to save them and how you can become a vole-unteer with us by following the links below!

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