Wildcat Appeal

Save wildcats from extinction

Wildcats are our only native cat but are at risk of extinction. There are now only a handful left in the countryside, all in the Scottish Highlands. Help us increase their numbers.

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Giant anteaters

Prevent them from being killed

Giant anteaters are considered the most vulnerable species in South America. One of their biggest threats is being killed on roads. We’re funding a team to prevent this. Can you help?

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Make Space

UK wildlife needs your help

Hedgehogs, dormice, and water voles used to be common in Britain. But now, they’re dying out along with many other treasured and beautiful animals. You can help make space for wildlife.

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Other ways to donate

  • Dormouse torpor in hand by Rhys Owen-Roberts

    Leave a legacy gift

    What if your legacy was to leave a world worth living in for future generations? By leaving us a gift in your Will, you can make a difference to the fate of our wildlife.

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  • Hedgehog marathon

    Fundraise on our behalf

    Gather friends and family to join you in a fundraiser or sponsored event. Download our fundraising pack for ideas, sponsorship forms, top tips and all the things you might need to raise money for us.

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  • Dormouse by Leo Gubert

    Corporate partnerships

    Find out how your business can save endangered species in the UK and around the world. We have a whole host of opportunities depending on the size of your company and level of commitment.

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  • Creature Candy Hedgehog mug

    Shop and make money

    Shop for gorgeous gifts, cool clothes or even book your next holiday and raise money for conservation. You can even generate donations for us by searching online.

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