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Red squirrel translocation

Red squirrel Christmas cardWhat is the problem?

Red squirrels were once common across most of the UK but habitat fragmentation, competition from non-native grey squirrels and the spread of squirrel pox have decimated numbers. Today, Scotland is the species’ best stronghold, and home to around 121,000 red squirrels. But this is only a fraction of previous numbers.





Red squirrel drinkingA return to their former home

Now we’re returning this delightful creature to woodlands in the north west Highlands. Ten sites have been carefully chosen, in areas where the red squirrels will be safe from grey squirrels.  

Red squirrels, taken from healthy parts of their Scottish range further south, have been successfully translocated to new woodland homes in the Highlands over the past two years.

We’re delighted that they have settled happily into their new homes, they have bred successfully and are moving out across the region.


RED SQUIRRELS: On the Move from Wild Media Foundation on Vimeo.

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