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Worldwide projects- updates and findings

Here you can read about our funded projects- past and present- in more detail from interim reports to published papers.


Cameroon- Cross River gorillas and chimpanzees

Cameroon- red stinkwood

Democratic Republic of Congo- bonobos

Ethiopia- Bale monkeys

Ethiopia- Ethiopian wolves

Ethiopia – Mountain nyala

Kenya- giraffes

Kenya- hirolas

Malawi- African wild dogs

Tanzania- carnivores


Cambodia- dholes

Latest news: A canine distemper outbreak decimated the dhole population in eastern Cambodia from 2011-2013. However, research during the past 2 years has shown the dhole population is breeding again, and the population is recovering. Therefore the project has been extended for another field season to continue to monitor the population, and attempt to capture and place GPS collars on dholes in at least 3 packs.

Cambodia – Siamese crocodiles

India – Pygmy hogs

India- Western hoolock gibbons

Indonesia- Bawean warty pigs

Indonesia- orangutans conflict mitigation

Indonesia- orangutans conflict response unit

Indonesia- slow lorises

Iran- cheetahs

Iran- Persian leopards

Mongolia- snow leopards and community responsible areas

Mongolia- snow leopards and reducing depredation

Nepal- dholes

Phillipines- Phillipine crocodiles

Vietnam- Sunda pangolins and release protocols

Vietnam- Sunda pangolins and genetics

Central America

Costa Rica- green turtles and hawksbill turtles


Cyprus- turtles

Macedonia- Balkan lynx

North America

Turks and Caicos- turtles

South America

Chile- monito del monte

Columbia- Dahl’s toad headed turtle

Falkland Islands- Rockhopper penguins

Paraguay – monitoring threatened mammals

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