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Learn more about the mammals that roam Britain by browsing our fact files via the links below.

  • Whales and dolphins

    Cetaceans are a group of marine mammals that breathe air and are adapted to life in the water.

  • Seals

    This group is highly adapted to life in the water and are known as pinnipeds meaning 'flap-footed'.

  • Marsupials

    Meaning 'pouched-one' only one species is found in the UK- the red-necked wallaby.

  • Rabbits and hares

    These herbivores are also known as lagomorphs. There are three species in the UK.

  • Shrews, moles and hedgehogs

    Hedgehog by water by Oliver Wilks

    Small, mostly nocturnal mammals that feed mainly on insects and are known as insectivores.

  • Carnivores

    Predators with teeth adapted to eat meat. Nine species live in the UK and another three are now extinct.

  • Deer and wild boar

    These even-toed ungulates are large plant eating mammals that walk on two-hoofed toes.

  • Bats

    18 species make up a third of the total number of wild mammals in Britain. 'Chiroptera' are our the only truly flying mammals.

  • Rodents

    Mammals with distinctive front teeth, of which there are 15 species in Britain, eight being native.

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