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Why does introducing dormice to your land help improve biodiversity? How can I tell the difference between the 18 UK bats? How can we use technology to save endangered species?

As experts in British wildlife and many endangered species around the world, these are the sorts of questions we live and breathe. Find out more below, be inspired, then take action to halt the decline of our most precious species.

  • Our training and events

    Hedgehog behind by Sue Palmer

    We share our wildlife-friendly methods with land owners, park managers and others through workshops and conferences. And anyone can join us for a Wildlife Encounter day out.

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  • Facts and figures

    Bottlenose dolphin © Dmitriy Filippov

    Find out top facts from what makes an otter a perfect swimmer to where you can spot a wallaby!

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  • Latest news

    Slow loris by Little Fireface Project

    Keep up-to-date with what we’re doing and sign up to be the first to know how you can get involved in our conservation work.

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  • Publications

    noble chafer by Matt Smith

    Read our magazines, guides and reports full of fascinating wildlife information, including our twice yearly supporter magazine Wildlife World.

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  • Educational resources

    Cheetah face by Chamaelleo

    Register to download free lesson plans, factsheets and activity ideas on a range of animals, ideal for schools or groups of young people.

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  • Nature reserves

    blossom by Harry Green

    See how we manage our reserves and join us for training courses at our thriving woodland nature reserve on the Isle of Wight and traditional orchard in Worcestershire.

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