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Wood Pasture & Parkland Survey Pack

Please click the links below to download the items of the survey pack.

You will also need to let us know a few details, so that we can make you tailor made maps of the sites in your area. The individual maps will be emailed to you.

  • Introduction to WPP survey  A brief introduction to what we intend to do with this survey and why.
  • Wood pasture survey form The survey form that you will fill in on site and send back to us.
  • Survey instructions and guidance to help you know how to conduct the survey and how to answer each question. It is a good idea to take this with you to refer to during the survey.
  • Landowner permission request letter This can be used to get permission to survey the sites you have been allocated. It introduces the landowner to the aims of this survey and containes PTES contact details if they have any further questions.
  • Wood pasture species ID There are only a few species we ask you to identify as part of this survey, here is a handy ID guide to them.
  • A guide to recognising veteran trees Veteran trees are not all ancient, but mature trees with enough veteran features. This guide described those veteran features and qualifies, for the purposes of this survey, what counts as a veteran tree.
  • Wood pasture ecology This is brief introduction to the ecology of wood pasture and parkland sites.
  • Health and safety information  This document is a guide to your health and safety when out surveying. Please read this before you go out on your survey.
  • Feedback form Your feedback is really important for us to be able to continue to improve the survey for volunteers.

To get tailor made maps of wood pasture and parkland sites near you to survey, please fill in the form here, and the maps will be emailed to you when they have been made.



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