Who we are


The Wood Pasture and Parkland Network is a small group of specialists keen to promote wood pasture and parkland as a habitat which has an extraordinary value for biodiversity, heritage, landscape and culture. The main focus of the group is to increase awareness of this incredible habitat and promote best practice management. The WPPN was born out of the UK Wood Pasture and Parkland Technical Advisory Group.

We are a group of organisations who recognised the value of bringing together people with knowledge and interest to share information and views. We comprise of members of the private sector, voluntary and public bodies, and all countries of the UK are represented.  The group recognised that the complex nature of the habitat means that expertise will be required from organisations with an interest in its ecological, biological, historical, cultural and landscape aspects.  

The aim of the group is to work together to provide an effective communication and information dissemination mechanism, to give wider involvement, harness knowledge and experience and allow people’s energy and resources and effort to be most effectively used to achieve common goals.


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