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Managing Wood Pasture and Parkland

Understanding how the different components of this mosaic habitat fit together, and how they benefit wildlife, gives you the best chance of managing a wood pasture or parkland site sensitively.

  • Tree management

    Wood Pasture and Parkland often contains a wealth of ancient and veteran trees. This page introduces ancient tree management, tree planting, tree age structures and general tree care in wood pasture and parkland habitats.

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  • Grazed Wood Pasture Credt Natural England

    Pasture management

    Open pasture is a key component of the structure of wood pasture and parkland. This page gives an introduction to pasture management, livestock grazing, soil structure protection and information on scrub levels.

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  • Historical management

    Wood Pasture and Parkland sites tend to be very old, and may have seen many different management practices over their history. Understanding some of these can often help us manage these sites to promote habitat continuity.

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