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Wood Pasture and Parkland is home to some of the oldest living trees in the UK, whose value to wildlife is astounding. Their myriad of micro-habitats support some of our most endangered species. If you can’t picture what this habitat looks like, you’re not alone.

At their core, both wood pasture and parkland consist of big old trees with full crowns growing in grazed pasture, with abundant wood decay. They are what ecologists like to call a ‘mosaic habitat’ which means an area with a mixture of other habitats; the value of the mosaic is greater than the sum of its parts.

For too long this habitat has been overlooked, understudied and undervalued; we are only just starting to fully appreciate its real value.

  • Who we are

    Who is part of the Wood Pasture and Parkland Network and what do we aim to do?

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  • What is Wood Pasture?

    Wood pasture is a habitat teeming with life and vital to preserve. If you can’t picture what this habitat looks like, you’re not alone!

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  • Ancient Oak, open grown, WPPL. Megan Gimber


    Read the latest news on wood pasture and parkland.

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  • Videos and Downloads

    We have produced a series of videos that offer an introduction to wood pasture and parkland. This area will also share links and downloads of useful resources.

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  • Wildlife

    Wood Pasture and Parkland contain some of the oldest living trees in the country, home to rare bats, birds, beetles, lichens and fungi.

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  • Management

    Understanding how the different components of this mosaic habitat fit together, and how they benefit wildlife, gives you the best chance of managing a wood pasture or parkland site sensitively.

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  • History

    Wood pasture systems have been part of human life since pre-history, giving it exciting, rich and varied history with changing roles in human lives.

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  • Case studies & Restoration

    Many historical wood pasture sights are no longer managed in a way that retains their valuable structure. This page will introduce the key restoration processes.

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  • Risks and threats

    Wood Pasture and Parkland are at risk from many different threats, ranging from fragmentation, to neglect and tree diseases. This page will outline some of these threats.

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