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Help us discover how much of this valuable habitat remains and what condition it is in. Once you request a survey pack, we will be able to look for potential wood pasture and parkland sites near your location that are in need of ground-truthing. Once we have found one, or however many sites you would like to visit, we will create maps of the area and email these to you along with the pack.

The survey pack will include everything you need to complete a survey, including the survey form, instruction guide, a guide to recognising veteran trees, a simple species guide (although we only require you to identify a few very common species, which you are likely to recognise already) and a feedback form. 

If you have any further questions about the survey please email Megan

Request a wood pasture and parkland survey pack

  • This will help us allocate you sites to survey near your home and keep in contact with you. If there is another location you would like to survey please add this in the message section.

  • We will allocate you some sites based on your home address or another location you send us.
    However if there are any sites you would specifically like to survey, please type the site ID numbers here. Site ID numbers can be found on the map below.
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