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You will often see stag beetles flying around on warm evenings in May and June.  Gardeners often dig up the large, white larvae (grubs). Stag beetles are big – up to 8cm long. Only one UK beetle is bigger and that’s a water beetle. They have an amazing life cycle which lasts several years. As a result this makes them vulnerable to predators and habitat destruction. Please go to the relevant page below to learn more about stag beetles. You can record a sighting or find out how to help them in your garden, park or local green space.

  • Stag beetle facts

    stag beetles by Ben Andrews

    Find our more about one of our largest beetles: What do they eat? How long do they live? How big are they? What is their scientific name? Are there any similar beetles in Britain?

    Stag beetle facts
  • Help stag beetles


    Find out how to help stag beetles in your garden. Have you dug up a larva? Or do you want to know how to attract stag beetles? How do I build a log pile for stag beetles?

    Help stag beetles
  • Seen a stag beetle?

    female stag beetles

    Tell us where and when you saw a stag beetle. Tell us whether it was an adult or a larva. Was it a male or a female? You can also upload images.

    Record a sighting
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    All the answers to your stag beetle questions. Find out what to do if you dig up a larva or discover an adult in your garden, do stag beetles bite?

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