Great Stag Hunt

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162 stag beetles recorded this year.

Stag beetle sightings

Before telling us about your sighting please have a look at our beetle and larval identification guides.

Learn more about stag beetles and our work to save them, and read about our findings from previous Great Stag Hunts.

You can see some of the images from this year’s Great Stag Hunt in our Great Stag Hunt gallery.

What to do if you find a stag beetle

If you find an adult stag beetle you can give it some soft fruit or sugar water and move it out of harms way. But the best thing is to let them go and find a mate! If you find a stag beetle larva please rebury it with some of the wood and soil in a shady undisturbed area. Don’t forget to record your stag beetle sighting.

Historically, the stag beetle was distributed throughout much of Western Europe. Sadly, in many countries it is now very rare or even extinct. As a consequence, the stag beetle is protected here in the UK.

How else we are helping

As well as our surveys we fund research into stag beetles and how to save them. Read more about our stag beetle campaign.

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