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  • Xena’s return – fieldwork with the Little Fireface Project team - Over the past few months, we have had quite a few new slow loris additions into our LFP family. It all really started with the sighting of Xena, a female loris we thought had dispersed and left her home range last year. It is normal for slow lorises, especially younger ones, to move from home… Read more
  • Dec-Aconk-slow-loris-in-tree--Little-fireface-project-PTES Slow lorises and wildlife friendly coffee production in Indonesia - Farmed landscapes Island of Java is home to 60% of Indonesia’s population but only has 10% of its natural forest left. This means that the native animals have to adapt to living in farmed habitats too. Anna Nekaris, our Conservation Partner, and her team are working to ensure that these farmed landscapes are suitable for… Read more
  • Slow loris outreach week - Slow lorises are under threat for many reasons. They are targeted for the illegal pet trade because they look so appealing; their forest habitat is being degraded and cut down; and they also face a multitude of threats as a consequence of an ever-changing climate. We are working with the Little Fireface Project to combat this… Read more
  • Slow loris update 2018 - The problem The slow loris is now among the world’s top 25 most endangered primates. Having lost 90% of their tropical forests, exposed and vulnerable lorises are captured and sold illegally through the pet trade, for medicine or exploited as props in tourist photos. Traders cut out their venomous teeth, so even rescued animals can… Read more

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