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Presentations and notes

Ecology of the hazel dormouse

Ecology of the hazel dormouse ppt


  • Britain’s small Mammals
  • Family Muridae and Family Gliridae
  • European Species
  • What’s in a name
  • Fat dormouse
  • The dormouse year
  • Torpor and hibernation
  • Dormouse diet
  • Nests and breeding
  • Age classes
  • Home range and population density
  • Predation
  • Dormouse activity
  • Distribution
  • Dormouse habitats

Conservation of hazel dormice

Conservation of hazel dormice ppt


  • Finding dormice—survey methods
  • Dormouse requirements
  • Problems for the species
  • Mitigation suggestions
  • Dormouse reintroductions

Training for a dormouse licence

Training for a dormouse licence ppt


  • Getting a dormouse licence
  • Dormouse training log
  • Dormouse training

Legislation for dormice in England and Wales

Legislation for dormice in England and Wales ppt


  • International distribution
  • International status
  • UK status
  • Dormice and the Law
  • Dormice Licencing

The role of organisations

The role of organisations ppt


  • PTES
  • Mammal Society
  • Natural England
  • Other groups

The National Dormouse Monitoring Programme (NDMP) and the National Dormouse Database (NDD)

The NDMP and NDD Entering data and forms ppt


  • What are the NDMP and NDD
  • On-line data entry
  • NDMP – recording data in the field
  • Other forms for the NDMP
  • Dormouse training log

Checking dormouse boxes

Checking dormouse boxes ppt


  • The NDMP
  • What nest you might have
  • Checking nest boxes
  • What species you might have
  • Dormice sexing
  • Dormice weighing
  • Age classes for dormice

Hazel dormouse reintroduction programme

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