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Pine martens are one of our rarest mammals, having disappeared completely throughout much of Britain. With your support we will help them make a comeback.

What we’re doing

The elusive pine marten is making a comeback in Scotland, but they’re still very rare across the rest of the UK. This sad loss is mainly due to destruction of woodland and intensive predator control by gamekeepers. With no recent evidence of breeding or natural recovery in Wales, reintroductions are the only way to bring pine martens back

Pine martens are important predators of pests such as grey squirrels. They also attract tourists that support the rural economy. 

With the help of The Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) we have started a six year pine marten relocation project. We’ve already had at least 5 kits born in the first year and with further support and nurturing we are determined that a thriving pine marten population will flourish once again.

We need your help to build on what we’ve already achieved with VWT. During the remainder of the project we will:

  • run public events to keep local people informed and address any concerns
  • monitor how the animals establish their territories
  • recruit more volunteers to help with the tracking of the relocated martens
  • conduct a three-year study on the impact of pine martens on grey squirrels
  • make sure landowners are able to manage their land effectively for pine martens
  • publish a case study of the pilot to inform future reintroductions

How your gift will help

Your gift will bring back pine martens in Wales, and into England, as part of the UK-wide species recovery plan. Your donation will make a real difference.

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