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Water voles need our help. Severe habitat loss and the release of American mink wiped out 90% of our water voles in just two decades. After years of hard work, we’re making great progress in our efforts to bring water voles back from the brink.

What we’re doing

We’re funding practical projects to tackle immediate threats to water voles and also building a national picture of where water voles are thriving and where they might not be doing so well. In a couple of years we’ll have enough information to produce a comprehensive report of the state of Britain’s water voles, which is what we badly need to direct long-term water vole conservation with confidence.

How your gift will help

A gift from you today will allow us to carefully check on water voles each year to steer future conservation nationwide, and continue funding practical projects to save water voles right now. With your help, we will build a future for water voles.

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