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The sad state of our nation’s hedgehogs was  revealed by our own mammal surveys and supported by the findings of other wildlife organisations. However with our partners, British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS), we are now coordinating hedgehog conservation work across the United Kingdom. Join us in the fight to save this national treasure…

  • Training

    We run the only UK course on hedgehog-friendly land management, surveying and mitigation for professionals.

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  • Research

    Radiotracking hedgehogs

    To save the hedgehog we must understand their habitats and the threats facing them - and we do this be funding scientists to study them.

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  • Media

    Hedgehogs and media

    Hedgehog are very media friendly - see how we are using television to spread the word about hedgehogs to the nation.

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  • Public engagement

    Hedgehog Street

    Hedgehogs are the British public's favourite animal and a powerful tool for engagement. Take a stroll down Hedgehog Street...

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