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Rhino poached in Manas

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We were sad to learn that a male rhino calf was poached and its horn taken in Manas National Park reserve earlier this month after more than a year with no poaching incidents in the area. The young rhino, just over 3.5 years old, was itself orphaned after the poaching of its mother when it was only one month old. Two poachers from the region have been arrested pending investigation.

PTES has worked with the team in Assam, India, to protect the population of one-horned rhinos and other threatened animals in the area for more than a decade. Despite setbacks including poaching and flooding, the team has reported an overall increase in rhino populations in Assam and in 2015 celebrated two of the female rhinos in Manas National Park giving birth.

One-horned rhino mother and calf


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