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What we’re doing

We’ll be returning red squirrels to forests in northwest Scotland where they disappeared decades ago due to massive deforestation and hunting. After replanting, their former homes are suitable once again and are free from grey squirrels and the diseases they carry.

As the red squirrels can’t get back to the area by natural dispersal, we are funding a project to translocate reds to carefully chosen sites. They’ll be at a safe distance from greys, allowing them time to increase their numbers naturally, creating new regional, self-sustaining populations of red squirrels in Scotland, and boosting the overall population in this country.

How your gift will help

By donating to this appeal, you’ll be supporting our team in Scotland who are carrying out the translocations. They’ll do this by gathering red squirrels from areas where red populations are buoyant. After being health-checked and microchipped the squirrels will be released into their new habitat.

We hope to relocate 350 squirrels in three years, which will multiply naturally. The project team are experts at this type of work – in 2008, they translocated 42 red squirrels elsewhere in Scotland and just eight years later that population expanded to 400. Your gift today could help us do the same again.

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