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Hedgehog Hibernation Survey

This survey has been a shining example of citizen science and broadened our understanding of this threatened animal. Here is a summary of what we have learnt, and an outline of where we go next.

Take a look at other ways you can still get involved in helping and recording hedgehogs.

What did we find out?

The 2012-2014 Hibernation Survey was run in partnership with British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) as part of our joint Hedgehog Street campaign.

It was designed to re-evaluate data collected in the 1960s that showed regional differences in the timings of hedgehog emergence from hibernation, as well as explore the possible effects of climate change on hibernation behaviour.

Our results showed no significant difference in emergence timings, suggesting that climate change is yet to have a measurable impact on this aspect of hedgehog behaviour.  Regional differences in hedgehog emergence were also absent from the recent data.

This massive database is also a really useful benchmark from which to make comparisons in the future.

What now?

We have recently launched a new survey- The BIG Hedgehog Map – a one stop shop for hedgehog sightings across the UK. Add your sightings, as well as hedgehog holes via our Hedgehog Street website.

Other ways to help hedgehogs

From making a hedgehog hole to tracking hedgehog footprints, take a look at other ways you can still get involved in helping hedgehogs.

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