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This bi-annual magazine is sent to our generous supporters and brings together our diverse projects, research and conservation news. Become a regular supporter today to get your free subscription by post. The latest issue can only be viewed online by current supporters, who will be emailed a link.

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The Dormouse Monitor

This specialist magazine is produced for people who monitor a hazel dormouse site or have a particular interest in dormice. You can view current and past issues in the viewer or as a PDF below. You can then choose to print if you wish. If this is not possible please contact and we can print a copy in the office to post to you.

2018 issues

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Past issues



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Older PDF issues

  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2012
    Meldon Woods (AKA Bluebell Woods)
    Why didn’t the dormice cross the gaps?
    Dormice found on our first wildlife bridge
    Taking a closer look at dormice in torpor
    NDMP 2011 results
    Essex and Suffolk dormouse project
    Midger Wood monitoring site
    Berkshire Mammal Group dormouse work
    Herefordshire dormice in unlikely places
    Dormouse box trials
    Blackford Wood National Trust site
    Daisy and the dormouse day
    How dormice use their landscape
    Urban dormice
    Buytl pond liner nest box covers
    Nocturnal tree mammals, Romania
  • Dormouse Monitor vol.2 2011
    Isle of Wight red squirrel and dormouse survey
    Planting nuts to detect dormice
    PTES intern project update
    Little Linford box check October 2011
    Hazel dormice through Irish eyes
    Eighth International Dormouse Conference
    German dormouse study
    NDMP 2010 – a closer look at dormouse weights and hibernation
    Elaine Hurrell remembered
    Results of the third Great Nut Hunt
    Problems with plastic nest boxes
    Prisoner-made dormouse boxes
    Surveying hazel dormice with tubes and boxes; a comparison
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2011
    Yorkshire dormouse release update
    Tribute to Jonathan Woods
    Edge Wood study of dormice
    A long-term study of edible dormice, Bucks
    Haslemere hedgerow project
    Warwickshire Dormouse Conservation Group
    First dormouse release Hailey Wood, Hertfordshire 1992
    Shooters are leading on a new hazel dormouse project in Cheshire
    Underpasses for dormice?
    Dormouse activity on the A30 in Cornwall
    Survival rates of hibernating Glis glis
    An easy way to reduce PIT-tag loss in rodents
    The eff ects of habitat loss and fragmentation on dormice in central Italy
    The behaviour of dormice in hedgerows with gaps
    Training courses and news
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 2 2010
    Dormouse mitigation and translocation
    2009 NDMP results
    Kilimanjaro tea party
    Nut hunts and tea at Stara Woods
    Golden Great Nut Hunt update
    Restoring hedgerow havens
    Spangle galls for dormice?
    Reintroduced dormice moving into the countryside
    Nesting materials used by dormice?
    Supermarket development stopped?
    Reconnecting the countryside 2010
    Habitat destruction and practical solutions
    Rhos Cefn Bryn Wildlife Trust box trials
    A study into dormmouse paternity
    Garden dormice
    Best box checking guidelines
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2010
    Forest dormice in the Russian foothills
    Tributes to Michael Woods
    Request for wild dormouse bodies
    Loddiswell lodges for dormice
    Seaside dormice at Slapton Ley NNR
    How do edible dormice know when to breed?
    Real estate for dormice in Wiltshire
    Dormouse nests in strange places
    New dormice for Warwickshire
    Can nest tubes always detect dormice?
    Training courses and news
  • Dormouse Monitor vol.2 2009
    Reconnecting the Countryside winners
    Dormouse gestation periods
    Nest boxes on stakes in coppiced wood
    A tribute to Warren Cresswell
    Romanian dormice in Transylvania
    Can ecological theories aid nut hunts?
    New booklet on woodland management
    Little Linford Wood update
    Training courses and news
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2009
    NDMP 2008 data analysis
    Dormice in the oak forests of Transylvania
    North Wales Dormouse Project 2008
    Go nuts for dormice
    Twenty one year of the NDMP
    Genetic diversity of south west dormice
    Filming dormice in Surrey
    Hazel dormouse Biodiversity Action Plan
    Reconnecting the countryside award
    Training courses and news
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 2 2008
    Dormouse release, Yorkshire
    New hedgerow mapping project
    Hazel pollarding update
    NDMP Woodlands
    Habitat-linkage work
    The 7th International Dormouse Conference
    Dormouse bridge report, Wildwood, Kent
    PTES intern Alison Looser, Suffolk
    Monitoring Midger Wood
    Devon dormouse BAP work
    Training courses and news
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2008
    NDMP 2007 data analysis
    Habitat management for wildlife
    Recolonisation of coppiced areas
    New dormouse tube
    Pollarding hazel
    Where dormice nest in hedges
    Going nuts for birdfeeders
    The 7th International Dormouse Conference
    Little Linford Wood management work
    Dead dormice – bodies wanted
    Monitors news
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 2 2007
    Dormouse hibernation strategies
    PTES-funded dormouse bridge study
    Edible dormice in a stew
    Coppicing and hazel management
    Of dormice and men
    Bontuchel Woods dormouse project
    Yorkshire dormice and their future
    EU Habitat regulations update
    Training courses and news
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2007
    Joining the dots in Cheddar, Somerset
    Ever been bitten by a dormouse?
    …or stung by a hornet?
    Make your own nest tubes
    NDMP 2006 Results and overview
    Dormouse DNA project, Cheshire
    Nest construction – further studies
    Interactions bewtween dormice and birds
    Bramley Frith – an update
    Does deer fencing benefit dormice?
    Training courses and news
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 2 2006
    Glis glis numbers booming
    Romanian dormouse update
    Dormouse reintroduction in Bradfield Woods, Suffolk
    Chatsworth Estate release update
    New: The Dormouse Conservation Handbook
    Dormouse bridge, Somerset
    Dormouse news
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2006
    Hibernating dormice
    Dormice in Planted Ancient Woodland Sites
    Health surveillance of dormice for reintroduction
    Dormice at Hanningfield Reservoir, Essex
    2005 NDMP results
    Dormouse nest construction, Little Linford Wood
    Suffolk reintroduction site
    Monitor’s news and questions
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 2 2005
    Green bridge in Kent
    International dormouse conference
    Aristocratic new resisidence for dormice
    Transylvanian dormouse project
    The disappearing Dormouse (from Country Life 1945)
    Hibernating dormice
    Monitor’s news and questions
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2005
    The day a dormouse came to lunch
    Encouraging dormice to spread throughout the countryside
    Discovering dormice in strange places
    Monitoring the edible dormouse
    Health surveillence in reintroduced dormice
    A look at other surveys and monitoring programmes
    National Bat monitoring programme
    2004 National dormouse records
    Volunteer news and questions
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 2 2004
    The Chief Nutter takes the Nut Hunt to Germany
    Building from Reintroductions
    How to manage woods for dormice
    Dormice in Batboxes
    Dormice at the edge of their range
    Tracking Mammals Partnership
    Dormouse monitoring data online
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2004
    Weather, habitat and poulation trends – the good, the bad and the ugly for Britains’s dormice.
    National Dormouse Inventory
    2003 National Dormouse Nestbox Records
    Get involved with other Mammal Monitoring
    Doug Woods, an appreciation
    News in brief
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 2 2003
    Derbyshire dormouse reintroduction
    How can we monitor Yellow-necked mice
    News from Monitors
    Do long, hot summers bring baby dormice?
    South West dormouse project
    News of other monitoring programmes
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2003
    2002 Records
    Dormice in gorse
    Beech fruiting and the Edible dormouse
    Great Nut Hunt 2001-2002
    The spread of dormouse populations from reintroduction sites
    Post-mortems on dead dormice
    Dormouse Day at Cirencester
    News of other monitoring programmes
    News from monitors
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 2 2002
    2002 Dormouse Releases
    Lincolnshire Reintroduction
    Dormouse distribution still contracting
    Dormice and Hedgerows
    Trial Yellow-necked mouse and Wood mouse monitoring
    5th International Dormouse Conference
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2002
    Understanding Dormouse Population Change
    News from Monitors
    News of Other Monitoring Programmes
    2002 Re-introduction
    Hedgerows, Dormice and Biodiversity
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 2 2001
    Dormouse Reintroductions 2001
    5th International Dormouse Conference 2002
  • Dormouse Monitor vol. 1 2001
    An uncertain start to this year’s work
    Information on recording in 2001
    NDMP data
    Dormice in Kent
    Habitat, weather and dormouse populations
    Dormice and hedgerows
    Repeating the Great Nut Hunt in the autumn 2001


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