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Snow leopards
Partner profile

Purevjav Pujii Lkhagvajav profile photo

Scientist: Purevjav (Pujii) Lkhagvajav 

Nationality: Mongolian

Organisation: Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation

How PTES has helped me so far: PTES has supported our Tost-Tosonbumba Nature Reserve (TTNR) for many years. I really hope it will continue for many more to come. We’re planning to upgrade the Nature Reserve to a National Park (NP) which has stronger protection from the various types of illegal activities and mining and I know it is huge work but me and my team are excited for the challenge. PTES funding supports many areas of our work including local participation in nature reserve management, mechanism development which has been vital and our TTNR conservation management plan which is providing essential guidance on snow leopard conservation.

My journey

I developed a strong interest in the field of ecology whilst at university and during my student years, I started to work on this beautiful species, snow leopards. I’m now a conservationist and biologist with one goal; to protect nature and the environment, wildlife and its habitats. I love my work and thoroughly enjoy all the challenges and opportunities that come with it. I’m always learning and gaining more experience and interests which will eventually enable me to work with even more organisations and participate in even more policy work here in Mongolia. Ultimately, my journey is one of dedication, persistence, and passion. In the face of significant challenges I will continue to protect endangered species, natural habitats, promote sustainable activities, and increase the participation of local communities.

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Why I love snow leopards

My love for snow leopards began at university. I’m still in awe to this day every time I’m out setting up cameras to capture a glimpse of the ghost of the high mountains. Snow leopards make me feel the majesty of the high mountains. Just like watching a flock of birds in flight evokes a sense of freedom and independence, seeing a snow leopard in the mountains is electrifying. Wildlife in general is incredibly diverse and because each species has its own unique adaptations, behaviours and habitats, this diversity is always fascinating and surprising.

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My goal

My goal is the team’s dedicated cooperation in the work of leading the Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation, and to coordinate the direction of the Snow Leopard Trust while keeping the strategic plan we have made as the focus. As well as my own self-development and professional relationship building, I will lead the management of TTNR as a National Park and encourage the cooperation of parties at many levels in implementing their activities toward one goal, protecting snow leopards.

What your donation can achieve


could help support one of the community rangers on patrol.


could help Pujii champion snow leopards across Mongolia.


could help monitor a snow leopard this year.


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