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Slow lorises
Partner profile

Professor Anna Nekaris with a wild slow loris

Scientist: Professor Anna Nekaris

Nationality: American

Organisation: Little Fireface Project & Oxford Brookes University

How PTES has helped me so far: Since 2002, PTES has supported the work of me, and my team In Indonesia. It is safe to say that without PTES, we could not have advanced our knowledge of lorises to improve their conservation. We are honoured to be a PTES Conservation Partner.

My journey

I always loved animals and had a passion for conserving the environment, yet I thought that occupations with animals meant being a vet or a zoo keeper. I then learned that it was possible to study animals, specifically primates, in the wild as a career. Being a devout nyctophile – someone who loves the night or darkness – I decided to study nocturnal primates so that I could enjoy spending my life under the moon and stars.

Why I love slow lorises

I love all loris species, since I began studying slender lorises in captivity in 1994. Our long term studies of lorises have revealed fascinating behaviour: males and females stay paired for several years if they can, something we didn’t expect for such a small and solitary animal.

My goal

Is to ensure that the Little Fireface Project helps secure a future for slow lorises across Java, and the people who live alongside them. My project is a multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted one. It combines field work, conservation, captive welfare and outreach both nationally and internationally.

What your donation can achieve


could help Anna run workshops for farmers so that more farms are reforested and made wildlife friendly.


could help Anna and her team monitor the eight slow loris families in the study.


could help buy tree saplings to reforest agricultural land in Java, helping slow lorises who are forced to live so close to people.



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