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Dormouse training information for trainees

Hazel dormice are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981 as amended) and the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010. Dormouse survey work involving the disturbance and handling of dormice in nest boxes or nest tubes requires a licence from Natural England or Natural Resources Wales. To receive a licence you will need references of your practical training from two people. These referees need to have held a licence for dormice within the last two years for the methods you wish to have on your licence.

It is highly advisable that you should attend a Dormouse Ecology and Conservation course, run by various organisations around the country- details to follow shortly.

Our resources and advice below will also help you in your training to become a dormouse monitor.

Dormouse training log

The dormouse training log is your record of experience when training towards your dormouse licence. It has been approved by both Natural England and Natural Resources Wales.

Please be aware that some counties and organisations have their own training logs so please check with your mentor the best method of recording your experience.

Survey guidelines

The National Dormouse Monitoring Programme (NDMP) survey guidelines are reviewed every year; please ensure that you are familiar with the current document.

Training videos

Checking a dormouse nest box

Checking a box with multiple active dormice present

Checking a box with inactive dormice present

Surveying young dormice

Handling and sexing dormice

Weighing and recording dormice

Putting up dormouse nest boxes

Box checking kit guide

Health and Safety

Risk assessments

Training presentations and notes

Checking dormouse nest boxes

A PowerPoint presentation on how to check dormouse nest boxes for the NDMP including sex dormice, weighing dormice and dealing with more than one- COMING SOON

Also available as a PDF version

Ageing and sexing dormice

PowerPoint presentation showing you how to sex dormice and the age class recognition for NDMP data entry.

Also available as a PDF version

The NDMP and the NDD

A PowerPoint presentation showing you how to enter the data on the NDMP forms and how to use the online forms. It also includes other documentation for sites in the NDMP- COMING SOON

Also available as a PDF version

Suggested kit list

  • One nest box hole bung- make sure you only take one into the wood and bring one out again
  • Perspex slide to cover nest box when checking to allow to see inside if required
  • Large strong plastic bags to place nest boxes in – available from The Mammal Society, Polybags or  Clingfoil. Some aquariums may give you bags for free.
  • Small bags to place dormice in
  • Scales- Pesola scales weighing up to 50g
  • Notebook/forms
  • Pen/pencil
  • Thin wire for some nest box lids
  • Wire to put up nest boxes- 6 core telephone or alarm cable is good as it has a bit of give making it easy to take boxes up and down
  • Wire cutters
  • Scraper to clean nest boxes

Also see our Useful documents and forms page

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