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Hedgerow management for hazel dormice

Hedgerows provide food, shelter and living space for many species and serve as leafy corridors through which dormice and other woodland animals disperse.

The enormous loss of hedgerows in Britain is compounded by the way those left are managed. They are cut more frequently, often annually, and more aggressively, using mechanical flails. Many are neglected completely leaving them gappy and degraded.

Unsurprisingly, since the 1970s, dormice have declined by 64% in hedgerows, leaving them even more isolated in unconnected woodlands. And if dormice have gone, other biodiversity will be gone too.

Reduced hedgerow continuity and height through intensification of management reduces food and cover for dormice in hedgerows. Hedgerow shrub diversity is also important.  

Here’s our advice on how to manage hedgerows for dormice and more about our hedgerow conservation work and new national survey

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