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What is the problem?

Stag beetles rely on dead wood. And they need it for at least seven years for the larvae to feed on, until they emerge in summer as adult stag beetles. So they’re very vulnerable to predators and suffer enormously from habitat destruction. The dead wood they depend on is often removed, even though it’s an amazing habitat for the beetles, and loads of other species.

Stag beetles used to be a common sight in summer, especially in the south of the UK, but across Europe, they are declining. They’ve even become extinct in a couple of countries. We really don’t want that to happen here. Stag beetles are our largest land beetle and are amazing creatures.


What we’re doing

We want people to protect stag beetles, their larvae, and their habitat. Stag beetles need rotting wood to lay their eggs near, and enough dead wood for the larvae to feed on for about 7 years. So we’re trying to get as many people as possible to leave stumps in their gardens, or create log piles which are great homes for stags and other insects.

We also run the Great Stag Hunt survey, which is now in its 20th year! Thanks to thousands of people who’ve recorded stag beetle sightings over the years, we now have a really good idea of where stag beetles live, and more people are looking out for their welfare.



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