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A few years ago, our Mammals on Roads survey revealed that hedgehogs are declining rapidly in Britain. Delving deeper, we discovered that over the past 20 years, hedgehogs plummeted by a staggering 30% and possibly as much as 50% in some areas. We had to act fast to save one of Britain’s most treasured animals.

What we’re doing to help

We’re dedicated to helping Britain’s hedgehogs thrive again. To tackle this challenge head on, we need to understand the causes of the decline. Due to an increase in roadkill, we’ve been funding an innovative investigation into how roads are affecting hedgehogs and testing the effectiveness of road tunnels in helping hedgehogs cross beneath our roads safely. The results are being used to guide developers and planners to include hedgehog tunnels in future developments, to reduce road casualties and keep them safe. Can you help with a kind donation?

We’ve also been looking at which garden features hedgehogs need to flourish and provide practical tips to encourage the public to make their gardens hedgehog friendly. Measures such as making a hedgehog house, a supplementary feeding station and a hedgehog highway (13 x 13cm hole in your fence) all make a huge difference. What’s more, these hedgehog-friendly actions can all be done at home in your garden or nearby green space.

How you can help

We need your support now more than ever to help fund our critical conservation work and spread awareness of how people can help hedgehogs on their doorsteps. Join us by donating £10 or more today and receive one of our unique hedgehog bracelets to wear with pride, knowing you’re helping save one of Britain’s most loved species.

Donate today and receive your unique hedgehog bracelet.

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Our charm bracelets are ethically sourced with a green supply chain and are made out of:
• GOTS certified organic cotton.
• Plant-based/botanical dyes such as berries, vegetable juice and leaves.
• Recycled white brass and sterling silver.
• FSC recycled card.

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