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Can you help protect one of our nation’s most important habitats?

Hedgerows are ancient features of the landscape, tracing our history over time. But they’re more than just interesting historical relics; hedgerows are also vital habitats teeming with life. They provide homes to some of Britain’s most iconic species – like hedgehogs, dormice and blackbirds – and link up otherwise disconnected habitats.  With roughly 70% of land in the UK used for farming, the hedgerows that criss-cross the countryside provide a crucial habitat for wildlife.

But we’ve lost half our hedgerows since the end of WWII, and the ones that remain aren’t always managed properly: gaps are forming, lost trees aren’t replaced and their overall structures are declining. All this threatens the more than 500 plant species, 60 species of birds, hundreds of invertebrates and nearly all our small mammals that depend on hedgerows for food, shelter and safe passage throughout the countryside.

We’re dedicated to protecting this biodiverse but often-overlooked habitat.

Clockwise from top left: honey bee, hedgehog, comma butterfly and young dormouse

Not only do healthy hedges provide countless benefits for wildlife, but they also contribute to productive farming. Hedgerows can reduce the need for pesticides, protect crops from strong winds, and support a diverse range of pollinators.

It’s so important that hedgerows remain healthy and vital.

With your help, we can continue to support farmers and land managers as they improve and restore their hedgerows and provide much-needed living space for over 2,000 species.

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Image credits, from top: Paul Nash /, Megan Gimber, Matthew Scott, Robert Wolton, Megan Gimber.

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