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What’s the problem?

Our hedgehogs are in trouble. Our surveys revealed hedgehogs in Britain are declining fast, so fast in fact they’re disappearing at the same rate as tigers are worldwide. We’re working hard to stop this.

What’s the solution?

We’re carrying out vital research to find out what’s affecting hedgehogs most and what actions will help. We are:

  • looking into why some hedgehogs use road tunnels – if we know the conditions and features which encourage hedgehogs to use tunnels, we’ll know where best to put new tunnels for hedgehogs.
  • studying the complex relationship between hedgehogs and badgers. Understanding more about badger presence and their impact on hedgehogs will help us solve hedgehog decline and work out how they can live alongside each other.
  • continuing our mammal monitoring to make sure we have the latest picture and understand the geographical variations in hedgehog numbers and we’re inspiring people to take effective, practical action for hedgehogs that really do make a difference.

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