Hedgehog appeal

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Hedgehogs are struggling to survive in the UK

Over the last 20 years, hedgehog numbers have dropped by a third in urban areas. Collectively, we’re making hedgehogs’ lives unnecessarily hard by paving over our front gardens, installing impenetrable fences, and killing up to 250,000 on our roads every year.

And hedgehogs in rural areas are declining fast. There are drastically fewer invertebrates to eat, and huge areas of natural habitat have been replaced by farmland, roads and buildings. We’ve lost up to half the hedgerows we had at the end of WW2. Britain has lost nearly half its natural biodiversity.

  • We’re working with landowners, farmers and developers to make green spaces more wildlife friendly.
  • We’re restoring and repairing hedgerows, which are vital wildlife corridors through our hedgerow campaign.
  • We run Hedgehog Street, our campaign with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, which has over 100,000 people adapting their gardens for hedgehogs.
Your support can help save hedgehogs from freefalling to extinction. Credits: Hugh Warwick, Martina Nowak / Shutterstock.com, Lauren Moore.

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