Elephant emergency appeal

Two critically endangered elephants have been electrocuted in Indonesia. We need your help to stop this happening again.

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Elephant emergency appeal 

Last month two Sumatran elephants died in Indonesia after falling on some electric fencing while searching for food. Many people install electric fences around their land and homes to protect their crops from destruction by elephants. The fences are meant as a harmless deterrent but this one was recklessly linked up to the mains electricity, providing a shock strong enough to kill an adult elephant, let alone anything else.

What’s the problem

Sumatran elephants are sadly severely threatened by the clearing of forest to make way for more palm oil plantations. The loss of the elephants’ habitat brings them into much closer contact with humans. This leads to conflict as locals struggle to protect themselves against the elephants that are forced to share the same land.

Gentle electric fencing can be a useful, temporary deterrent but elephants are smart enough to eventually find ways through. Our team on the ground urgently need to gather evidence and come up with a solution that takes into consideration the needs of local communities and wildlife. We need to act now and this is where you can help.


Sumatran elephantWhat’s the solution

We want to find a solution so elephants in this region can get about safely, without the risk of being killed, or posing a threat to local people or their crops.

With our local team we’ll tackle human-elephant conflicts. We’ll find out exactly what’s needed to protect wildlife. We must act now, before it’s too late and more elephants suffer the same fate as these two wonderful creatures.

The elephants’ habitat has been devastated and they are in desperate need of our help now more than ever.


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