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Nature needs us. 142,500 species are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, with over 40,000 species under threat of extinction. That includes 41% of amphibians, 26% of mammals, 13% of birds and 37% of sharks and rays. The earth’s biodiversity is shrinking, fast.

When biodiversity declines, our ecosystems become disrupted: they lose the ability to provide us with the clean water, purified air, nutrient-rich soil, and food that we need to survive. Not only do ecosystems become increasingly dangerous and difficult to live in, but they also become infinitely less interesting, less exciting and less bright: depleted of the myriad colours, sounds, and wonders of the natural world.

But you can help. You can be part of the growing movement around the world to protect nature, by supporting endangered species and their habitats. This means giving animals space to roam and mate and play, it means ensuring there are enough sources of food, and it means protecting unique and threatened ecosystems. It means working with and for wildlife, and not against it.

This idea – working with and for wildlife – is at the heart of our work at PTES. We support grassroots initiatives, work with local communities, and listen to local knowledge to create the most sustainable and equitable solutions for nature. Thanks to donations from our passionate supporters, PTES funds locally led, targeted nature conservation that helps save species from extinction, protects large areas of priority habitat, and services societies with green jobs and sustainable livelihoods.

Learn about some of our impactful projects all around the world

Reducing human-wildlife conflict and protecting lions and other carnivores in Tanzania.

Image credit: lion by Della-Sala.

Image credit: hazel dormice by Leo Gubert.

Reintroducing hazel dormice into woodlands across the UK.

Ending illegal mining in Mongolia and safeguarding community land to keep snow leopards safe.

Image credit: snow leopard by Snow Leopard Trust.

Image credit: hedgerow by Megan Gimber.

Encouraging better management of UK hedgerows to protect the land and foster biodiversity. 

The natural world is shrinking, biodiversity is in decline, and wildlife find it increasingly difficult to be wild. But people all over the world are joining the fight to bring the earth’s most threatened species back from the brink. A donation from you can help us recreate a world where wildlife thrives once again.

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