We don’t just stand up for British wildlife. Around the world, we help hundreds of other species. Here are just a few:


Collared Persian leopard by WildCRU/ICS/Panthera/A.MoharramiPersian leopards are coming into increasing contact with local communities, posing a big threat to their livestock. Leopards are killed and their fur and bones sold to the black market. We’re closely studying six collared leopards to see exactly where protection of the park boundaries will deter poachers. Working with reformed poachers, we’re gaining insight into poachers’ motivations and teaching local communities how to better protect their livestock.


now leopard by Alexander Oehrle (3)Snow leopards in Mongolia are often killed in retaliation for killing domestic livestock and rampant mining is destroying their habitat. Thanks in large part to our funding, the Tost area was declared a nature reserve in 2016, making the area more secure for snow leopards and their prey. Several mining companies have existing licences to work in the region but our team are working hard to get these revoked, while also training rangers to prevent poaching. Then the mountains will once again be a safe haven for Mongolia’s wild animals.


slow lorisSlow lorises have lost 90% of their tropical forest habitat. Exposed and vulnerable, they’re captured and sold illegally; whether for the pet trade, for medicine or for exploitation as props in tourists’ photographs. Traders cut out their venomous teeth; preventing successful reintroductions to the wild, even if rescued safely. We’re tackling the illegal wildlife trade head on, orchestrating a mass social media campaign to stop tourists posing with captured slow lorises.


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