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How to make a wildlife pond

Don’t think you have enough space for a pond? Don’t worry. Large or small, any size pond will benefit wildlife. Your pond can be as simple as a buried water bucket, or be the ‘textbook’ perfect pond, either way, you’re still doing your bit for wildlife.

You’ll need:

  • A patch of garden
  • A strong spade to dig
  • A wheel barrow
  • A plank of wood and/or spirit level
  • Builder’s sand
  • Something to line your pond with (e.g. a bucket, rubber, PVC, clay)
  • A mixture of large rocks and pebbles
  • Water (preferably rain water)
  • A variety of aquatic plants
wildlife friendly pond
Making a pond is one of the best things you can do to help wildlife in your garden. It will attract all sorts of species, from dragonflies to frogs and hedgehogs.

How to build your pond:

  1. It’s better to place your pond in a non-shady area of your garden, as frogs, tadpoles, insects and plants prefer sunny and warm conditions. You can mark your pond out using rope or a hosepipe.
  2. Now you can start digging. Make sure the edges of your pond are level using either a spirit level or flat plank of wood.
  3. Once you’ve dug your hole, remove any sharp rocks from the bottom so
    they don’t puncture your pond liner. Then add a 5cm-thick layer of sand, to provide a protective barrier under your liner.
  4. Dig a small trench around your pond and place the liner in the hole, tucking the ends into the trench. Use large rocks to weigh the liner down and cut off any excess using scissors.
  5. Fill your pond with water (preferably rain water). You can collect rainwater using a water butt. Ponds can be filled with tap water but it needs to be treated first, as it contains chloramines and chlorine (which are harmful to frogs and tadpoles).
  6. Remember to add a ramp so hedgehogs can get out of your pond safely. You can use a pile of stones, some chicken wire or a piece of wood.
  7. Introduce plants to your pond a week or two later. Make sure to choose local and native species that will benefit your local wildlife.

Click image to download instructions:

wildlife pond instructions

Show us your creation!

Take a photo of your wildlife pond and submit it below, or post on social media and inspire others to do the same!

pond illustration

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