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Hedgehog Street reveals which counties are recording the most hedgehog sightings

For the first time we can revealed the counties across the British Isles who are recording the most (and least!) number of native hedgehog sightings. The Hedgehog Street team are calling for more people to record their sightings of Britain’s favourite mammal online, to ensure the BIG Hedgehog Map reflects the most accurate picture of hedgehogs that have been seen in Britain.


The data, which is from Hedgehog Street’s BIG Hedgehog Map, shows all recorded sightings of hedgehogs (dead or alive) since 2015. Hedgehog Street, which we run along side the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, has collated these sightings to create a ‘heatmap’ showing where in the British Isles the public are most actively recording sightings of hedgehogs:

The top five hedgehog spotting counties are:

Top rank County Number of records
1 Hampshire 1,250
2 Oxfordshire 803
3 Greater Manchester 803
4 Devon 701
5 Hertfordshire 669

Emily Wilson, Hedgehog Officer for Hedgehog Street says: “We’re so pleased that people across the country, from rural Hampshire to urban landscapes such as Greater Manchester, are actively recording sightings of hedgehogs when they see them. While the heatmap does not reflect actual hedgehog distribution, the more data we can gather, the better picture we have of where hedgehogs are located across the British Isles, which helps us to protect these beautiful but endangered animals.”

The areas with the fewest sightings recorded include Bath and north-east Somerset, the Isle of Wight and Bristol. The heatmap also revealed that data from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland is also very sparse.

Lowest rank County Number of records
1 Bath and north-east Somerset 60
2 Isle of Wight 63
3 Bristol 107

Emily continues: “A lower number or no sightings doesn’t necessarily mean there are less hedgehogs in the given area, but simply that we’re not being told about them. Therefore, we’re asking anyone who sees a hedgehog to record their sightings on the BIG Hedgehog Map – so if you’re lucky enough to spot one, please log your ‘hog!”

As well as logging sightings of hedgehogs, you can also log when you have made a hedgehog hole in or under your garden fence or wall – something that allows hedgehogs wider access to food, shelter and mates.

Log your ‘hog!

To record sightings of hedgehogs, or to map a hedgehog hole, please visit: and to register as a Hedgehog Champion or for more information about hedgehogs, visit the Hedgehog Street website.

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