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Baby dormouse climbing tree

This baby dormouse is still dependent on its mother but is already learning to climb. Video credit: Lorna Griffiths.

Dormouse using special dormouse bridge

Infrared video footage of this hazel dormouse in the wild was captured at our nature reserve on the Isle of Wight. The footage is significant because it shows dormice using a special bridge designed to help them cross barriers created by humans in the natural environment, such as roads and railways, by linking fragmented and isolated habitat. Our project, the first of its kind in the UK, aims to see whether dormice and other wild tree-dwelling species prefer to use this type of bridge instead of crossing gaps on the ground. You may have seen our bridge and this fantastic dormouse footage on Autumnwatch in November 2015!

You can play a vital role in protecting dormice by sponsoring a dormouse house for just £5 a month. This will help keep threatened dormice safe and help us release new populations in counties where they have become extinct.

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