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Soprano pipistrelle bats

The project

Gillian Birtles is based at the University of Stirling and is working alongside the Forestry Commission to determine how soprano pipistrelle bats are using coniferous plantations compared to the surrounding broadleaf forests.

Latest update

Despite the weather not being reliable and clouds of midges hampering Hair clipping a Soprano Pipstrelle by Gillian Birtlesher efforts, she finished her data collection in August and managed to reach all her targets within the planned time frame. Gillian has also radio-tracked enough soprano pipistrelles to be able to carry out reliable tests on the data and create accurate maps, which is what she is currently working on. We asked Gillian how she has enjoyed her experience and she replied that, “the research period was incredibly fun; I learnt a lot of new skills and have a new found love of bats!”

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