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Harvest mice in Warwickshire

PTES is funding Deborah Wright, in conjunction with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, to investigate the distribution of harvest mice in Warwickshire.

The project

Little is known about harvest mice in the county. There have been less than 10 recorded sightings in the county in the last eight years, and overall they have suffered a 70% decline in the last 18 years, probably due to an increase in intensive farming practices and loss of habitat.

Latest update

Harvest mouse nest by Deborah WrightThe project is going really well. Debbie is almost half way through surveying for harvest mice and has found evidence of this beautiful little rodent across the county. As well as surveying, she has focused her efforts on raising awareness and getting people involved and trained, including owl pellet workshops, longworth trapping and nest searching with wildlife groups, volunteers, students and farmers. She has also written a blog post and magazine article for the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to encourage the public to send in any sightings.

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