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Survey hazel dormice

  • Dormouse Babies

    Licence Return Data

    If you have a Natural England dormouse licence, please submit your annual return here. Please note that if the data are for an NDMP site then the more detailed data also needs to be submitted to the NDMP, however only one licence holder per site needs to do this.

    Enter Licence Return Data
  • Dormouse torpor in hand by Rhys Owen-Roberts

    Dormouse monitoring

    This area is for licensed dormouse monitors who check dormouse nest boxes to enter their records onto the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme (NDMP). To register as a monitor or set up a new site then please contact or call 020 7498 4533.

    Take part in the NDMP
  • hazel dormouse by John Webley uk mammal grant ptes

    Spotted a dormouse?

    If you have seen a hazel dormouse, found a dormouse nest or a dormouse chewed nut please record it here on the National Dormouse Database. This will help us increase our knowledge of the distribution and abundance of these rare mammals in England and Wales. Thank you.

    Enter one-off records
  • Monitor with dormouse in hand

    Resources for monitors

    Regular monitors can download forms, guidelines, training resources and nest box funds here.

    NDMP resources
  • Detecting dormice in Suffolk UK Mammal grant PTES

    More about dormice

    Find out more about hazel dormice, current conservation projects and other ways to get involved.

    Read more about dormice
  • Dormouse on branch by Jamie Edmonds

    Donate to save dormice

    We cannot carry out our nationwide campaign to help dormice without your support. Make a donation today or even House a Dormouse!

    Please donate
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