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To date, over half a million kilometres of road have been surveyed through Mammals on Roads. Findings from your annual sightings have already alerted us to the drastic decline in hedgehogs and were the impetus for our hedgehog projects and surveys.

How does the survey work?

We want to know about your route and what you see along the way, dead and alive. You will need to complete the survey on a dedicated car journey rather than ad-hoc sightings.

We will give you a mammal guide and instructions, and you can take part just once, or multiple times to help us get a more accurate results.

Each car journey must be 20 miles or more in one day- perfect for those summer holiday getaways! You will be asked to look out for mammals on single carriageways only, for safety reasons. However you can stop and start your mammal spotting as you change road types. Read more FAQs.

Why not get the whole family involved in helping British mammals?

Take part

The survey period starts in July 2015. Please revisit our website in the summer or request an email reminder by emailing  See our other wildlife surveys to get involved today.

Findings from previous years

Thank you to everyone has contributed to Mammals on Roads over the last 12 years, and we hope you can take part again this year.

Take a look at what we have found out and what this means for the conservation of British mammals in the links below.