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Our wildlife is disappearing

Almost two thirds of species in the UK have declined in the past 50 years. There’s nothing natural about this rate of decline – it can be stopped. With your help, we are standing up for animals and plants that are vital for a healthy world.

Help save slow lorises

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£10 could help save a Javan slow loris from an illegal pet market

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Record mammals

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Mammals on Roads kicks off

Around one million mammals are killed on UK roads each year, but by sending us your sightings of road kill to monitor wild populations, these deaths will contribute to our future conservation.

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Survey app rated 4 stars

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Our innovative Mammals on Roads app has achieved top reviews as users help wildlife this summer. The free app used to count mammals as part of our annual nationwide survey has been improved so that it is now easier to use and more people can help wildlife. By counting mammals you see on car journeys, you can […]

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Dormouse families found at reintroduction site

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We were thrilled to learn that our dormice released into the wild back in June have already started making  family homes for themselves. On a recent check our volunteers found three dormice with babies and another pregnant female. This is great evidence that the dormice are settling in well and will go on to build a […]

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